Posted on 23.8.2016 for the Thunderclap campaign


Finally I have managed to make a newsletter subscription that doesn’t annoy visitors to the website. I hope many of you will use it. Please note that you have to confirm your subscription by clicking the button in the confirmation email.

What is the idea with the newsletter you might ask. What can you expect?

  • There will be updates – not regular ones, but rather meaningful ones, when we have something to communicate – like new confirmed partners or content that will be available.
  • There will be invites to the beta and requests for feedback – that will be very important. After all we are building a platform for a community – so feedback from the community will be important.
  • There will also be more details on the mechanics of the platform. As we will near the launch date, we will explain more and more on how everything works.
  • And of course, when we will finally launch: you will be the the first ones to be invited to join the platform.
  • Also: all supporters will have a special priviledged status on our platform – it’s not yet defined how we’ll mark it and what all the goodies will be – but there will be special treatment for all supporters for as long as they are our users.

Keep supporting!

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