General Update

Posted on 17.8.2016 for the Thunderclap campaign


Ok. So Thunderclap approved our campaign. 🙂 That was fast. Now that’s a company that knows hot to do business!

Thunderclap is going live today.

Now there are a few things that I want to clear up about our project:

  • Project Free the TV is NOT the official name of the platform. It is just a codename for a start-up that is currently being developed.
  • Behind the curtains there is a lot happening: negotiations for content, platform development, brand registration, patents registration and so many, many more details involved in launching such an ambitious project.
  • This is a big and ambitious project – there are a lot of obstacles on the way – and I will tell you all about them in future blog posts. Follow and support us to find out more and watch as we turn this idea into reality.

My goal is to create a company that you will love, for which respect is the number 1 value!

The road to that company  is long, in the meantime:

There are still some technical bugs and issues that don’t work fully on this page – WordPress support is not necessarily the best in this area. For example – sharing the page on facebook will NOT show a nice pricture associated to the page. I have set-up all pictures that I could but still it won’t work – what’s up with that?

Anyway – i’ll keep you updated on how these bugs are solved and new features are added.

See you in the funny pages! 🙂

ps. Here’S the link to the Thunderclap campaign:

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